Bodyboard with fins attached vs without: what’s better?

Bodyboard with fins attached vs without: what’s better?

Are you unsure of which bodyboard is right for you? We’ve got all the information on if bodyboards with fins are better than ones without!

Bodyboards without fins are better because they allow easy and faster wave catching, smoother riding of waves, and flexibility with moves and tricks without worry of breaking off the fins. Bodyboards with fins do have advantages as they are a bit more stable and it is easier to stay on course, but these advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages in my opinion.

Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of bodyboards with fins, and why one’s without are best. We’ve got the answers for you!

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by Elena Campos

Why Bodyboards Without Fins are Better

Bodyboards were originally designed without fins on the bottom, and they are better that way. The smooth bottom of the board allows for smooth riding on waves which is essential for successful surfing. You should be able to use your weight, body position, and your swim fins (on your feet), to control the board. There is a large favored majority for bodyboards without fins, which shows just how superior, and popular they are.

On a search for bodyboards on Amazon, on the four-star and up section, there is only one bodyboard with fins. The rest are all regular bodyboards made without fins. On the “7 Best Bodyboards,” we find that not a single one has fins attached to it.

We can easily see based on these websites that bodyboards without fins are selling at much higher quantities and rates than ones without. Making it an easy decision to buy bodyboards without fins. Catch a wave easily with your finless bodyboard!

Pros and Cons of Bodyboards With Fins

Bodyboard with fins attached vs without: what's better?


Bodyboards with fins might not be the better choice, but they have a few advantages that you may want to consider and think about. While bodyboarding, edge control can be difficult, especially if you can’t use your body weight, position, and fins to control the board. Fins attached to the board allow for you to more easily take control of the board. If you are a drop knee or stand-up rider, the fins on the board help with controlling it because you can’t use your body as much.

So you see, if you’re looking for a board for a very specific application or you want extra stability, you shouldn’t skip the bodyboards with fins. Even then, it is important that you are aware of the disadvantages, which we will now address.


Bodyboards with fins just aren’t as good as one’s without, and there are many reasons for that. Fins on a bodyboard create drag as you ride the waves. Which in turn will slow you down and sacrifice your speed. Fins on bodyboards also prevent you from doing certain tricks on your board like 360s. Fins on bodyboards hinder you from doing your best as you surf the waves.

Bodyboards with fins are also way less convenient than ones without. With a fin sticking out on the bottom of your board, it makes it way more difficult to stick your board in a bodyboard bag or put it away.

Furthermore, Bodyboard with fins are less robust. It’s just that fins are more likely to break, get damaged or tear out of the board when you put them in your bag or surf near the beach. And believe me: there is (almost) nothing more frustrating than when it has perfect waves for you, the fin tears out and your session is over…

Another disadvantage to bodyboards with fins is that they are very hard to come by. When we did a search for bodyboards with fins, we only found two locations that sold only a few options. This means that you may have to downgrade to a bodyboard with fins because there are very few options out there. It would be a lot easier and better for your riding if you purchased a bodyboard without fins!

So I definitely go for a good quality board in a traditional design like a Science Board or a Morey.

Locations to Purchase Bodyboards With Fins

Bodyboard with Fins by South Bay Board Co, inflatable bodyboard with fins

If you have taken all the information in, positive and negative, and you still want a bodyboard with fins, here are the few options you have.

Amazon only sells one bodyboard with fins and it’s rated 4 1/2 stars out of 5. It seems like a solid board that is your best option if you want a board with fins (by the way it is an inflatable Board version).

The only other option for you if you want boards with fins is This website sells attachable fins that you can put on your bodyboard yourself. They even have a Youtube video explaining how to put the fins on your bodyboard.

But before you do that, I would like to point out that there are bodyboards without fins but with channels. These channels have a similar effect as fins, but have some advantages over them.

Bodyboards With Channels

Features of the Morey Mach 10 Boogie Board or Morey Mach 10 Bodyboard which are an important part of the Morey Mach10 Review, Picture of Channels of a Bodyboard which are the better alternatives than Bodyboards with fins attached

Bodyboards are typically made with channels instead of fins.

These channels are slots that are on the bottom end of the board on both sides. The channels allow the rider maximum control over the board and the slots on each end of the board help redirect water flow on the board and give a lift to the tail.
This all creates a better grip on the wave for the rider, making it easier to control their speed and do any tricks or moves the rider may want to do. This overall makes for a better experience for the rider.

Nowadays you won’t find many boards without channeling, meaning that they are the superior design for bodyboards!

Great examples of high quality Bodyboards with Channels are for instance the Morey Mach 10 or the Morey Mach 7.


Bodyboard with fins attached vs without: what's better?

Bodyboarding is, at least from my point of view, one of the best water sports in the world. However, it is also important right from the start that you have a bodyboard that suits you, your needs and the conditions in which you surf. So always choose your board based on your current skill level, your goals, your physical condition and conditions like wave height and water temperatures in which you want to bodyboard.

Tip: If you plan to learn tricks with the bodyboard or even try drop knee or stand up bodyboarding, you should definitely go for a PP board with one or more stringers.

On the question of whether bodyboard with or without fins are better, there is a clear answer:

From my point of view, bodyboards without fins, but with channels, are the best design. They convince with stability, control, speed and versatility. Bodyboards with fins only make sense if your only goal is to board a wave as fast and straight as possible.

Good luck, stay safe, and have fun!


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