How To Inflate a SUP With Electric Pump

How To Inflate a SUP With Electric Pump

There are a few ways to pump up your inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard, and we take a look at all of them. Getting your inflatable SUP to the desired pressure you usually use when you go out on the surf is not that difficult.

In this article, we will show you how to inflate a SUP with electric pump the correct way so you can have it ready for the fun part. Even though there might be many different types and brands on the market, they all get inflated the same way.

Keep on reading, get acquainted with your SUP, and learn how to get it ready to ride the surf.

How To Inflate a SUP With Electric Pump

Are All Stand Up Paddle Boards Inflatable?

No, not all SUPs are inflatable. There are a number of different hard Stand Up Paddleboards available for those who prefer them. The difference is that there are several benefits when it comes to using an inflatable SUP instead of a hard one.

Pros and Cons of Inflatable Paddle Boards vs Hardboards

Benefits Of Inflatable Boards

  • It is much easier to transport them to a remote site where there is water.
  • They are made from a lightweight material, making them easy to carry.
  • There is no need to have racking on your vehicle, as with a rigid SUP as you can simply fold it up.
  • An inflatable stand up paddleboard is much softer, so you do not get hurt when you fall.
  • They are, in most cases, more durable and robust than the harder version.
  • Inflatable SUPs are less expensive than their hardboard counterparts.

Disadvantages Of Inflatable SUPs

  • They usually are not as fast and as rigid paddleboards: even thought the producers improved the stiffness of iSUPs massively in the last years, hardboards are still a little more stiffer.
  • Rigid boards are easier to maneuver than soft inflatable ones.
  • When it comes to racing and competition, surfing professionals prefer hard stand up paddleboards.

As long as you aren’t looking to compete in races or surf competitions, the advantages of iSUPs outweigh the downsides.

how to inflate a sup with electric pump

Now we come to the best part, and that is how to inflate an inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard or iSUP for better fun. As mentioned, there are two main ways to inflate your inflatable SUP to get it ready for surfing and fun.

Use a Portable Electrical Air Pump Compressor

  1. Take the SUP from the box and expand it on the floor or ground by rolling it out.
  2. Remove the fin covers if this is your first time using them. You can always put it back after use for added protection.
  3. Connect the air compressor to the cigarette lighter socket inside your vehicle or the electric outlet at home.
  4. Next, you can connect the hose to the pump by fitting it over the inlet and twisting it to the right to secure it.
  5. Now you can unscrew the cap on the valve of the Board with a slight twist to the left or an anti-clockwise turn.
  6. Then make sure the valve of the SUP is in the upward position by pressing down on it and turning it to the left.
  7. You will see that it pops up. This is necessary to do to prevent the SUP to leak the air out from the valve.
  8. Before you connect the other side of the hose to the SUP, make sure you pre-set the pump.
  9. You can pre-set it to pump up to 12 PSI, or for heavier people of 185 pounds and more, set it to 13 PSI.
  10. When the SUP comes at that setting, the pump will automatically stop pumping.
  11. Now you can install the other end of the hose to the connector on the sup by fitting it on and giving it a small clockwise turn to secure it.
  12. Now you can hit the power button on the pump, and it will start inflating your inflatable SUP.

Depending on the maximum output capacity of the pump this will take only a few minutes and it will be done. Look at the Youtube video below to see all the instructions on how to inflate a stand up paddleboard with an electric compressor pump.

Use a Hand Pump

Inflating your inflatable SUP with a hand pump will take a little longer and some elbow grease from your side. All the steps to get the SUP inflated with a hand pump are the same as with the electric pump.

  1. Connect the hose to the pump by fitting it and turning clockwise to screw it into place.
  2. Get the valve on the inflatable SUP in the up position by pressing down on it and turning it to the left.
  3. Now connect the hose to the stand up paddleboard valve with a simple twist to the right to secure it in place.
  4. Place the plugin position so you can pump in the up and the downstrokes.
  5. Put one foot on the foot on the pump, and by using your arms, start up and down movements.
  6. When it becomes difficult to pump on the upstrokes, remove the plug.
  7. The pumping will become a bit easier when you remove the plug.
  8. Keep your eye on the gauge of the pump. When it reaches the desired psi, you can stop pumping.
  9. The standard psi for lighter people is around 12 PSI, and heavier people can pump it up to 13 PSI.
  10. Remove the hose from the SUP by pushing down and twisting to the left to unlock it.

You can see that the only difference between an electric pump and hand pumping is the actual pumping action from your side. If you want to see how it is done, watch this Youtube video for all the instructions mentioned above in action.

You can use a handheld pressure gauge to check the pressure of your Stand Up Paddleboard while you use it. If it loses some air with time, you can simply add more air to bring it back to the desired PSI.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it is not that difficult to inflate an inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard to the desired pressure to ride the waves. So, go ahead and get that SUP ready to take on the waters and have fun at the nearest beach.

However, we often get asked if we suggest to invest in an portable electric SUP Pump. Our approach is the following:

If you do not mind the effort involved to inflate your SUP manually, a normal double action pump is enough. But if you hit the water regularly and want to make your life easier, an investement into a good SUP pump is for sure worth your money.

Some of the best products can be found in our SUP Pump overview. Just have a look!

Good luck and most importantly: have fun!